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Adventure Romance Fiction, Mystery Fiction, Adventure Magic Fiction

Caution to the Wind

A New Book in the Breaking Camp Mystery Series

Retired couple Nathan and Nina Trask from Hickory Glen, Ohio have hit the road again—this outing in their Rambler travel trailer will take them to Arizona. Growing up together, Nathan had looked up to Leo Miller like a big brother. It was Leo who tapped Nathan's innate love of nature and taught him the dozens of wilderness skills that had geared him for a lifetime of service as a park ranger.

After completing a tour in Vietnam with the US Army, Leo earned an Associate Degree in Natural Science and landed his dream job of park ranger at Grand Canyon National Park, marrying his highschool girlfriend shortly before moving to Arizona. And that was the last time Nathan had seen—or heard from his friend until he received an invitation to attend Leo's retirement party.

After years of one-sided efforts to staying touch with Leo and his wife Brenda, and despite the lack of any contact information on the invitation—or online, Nathan doesn't hesitate to make plans to head west to the party. He's looking forward to spending time catching-up up with his friend. But Leo's situation has changed drastically from when he first sent the invitation. For one thing, Leo is dead.

Nathan and Nina soon discover they not only have to come to grips with the death of their friend, but his death itself has become a mystery they become determined to solve. As they unravel the events leading to Leo's demise, they soon realize they have thrown caution to the wind—encountering kidnappers, counterfeit prescription drugs, and murder---not to mention a dust storm.


Stealing Thunder

Expected out Spring 2020

Three people, whose lives have been disrupted by very different events, find themselves at odds with each other against the background of Gandering Abbey, a former priory now a stately home gifted to the England Alliance to avoid estate death duties. The house came complete with a number of valuable, rare pieces of art, including a Chinese Qing Dynasty jade horse named Thunder.

Candice Venicombe did not put up with her husband's affairs and verbal abuse to spend the rest of her life living in a small cottage on the Gandering Abbey estate. She had breathed a huge sigh of relief when her father-in-law passed away. At last she would be the 'lady' of Gandering Abbey. But between death duties and her husband's squandering of what little money there was, the family had been forced to 'gift' the Abbey and all its property.

Hugh Carling volunteers at Gandering Abbey on his days off as an electrician—it helps keep his mind off the tragic loss of his wife two years previous. And for the past two months, since his uninsured house suffered a ruinous flood, it also provides him with a warm bed for the night.

Middle-aged Faryn Fairclough never expected her "something to do—get her out of the house" part time job in the office at Gandering Abbey to be her sole source of income. Thanks to her husband's failed investment in a ponzi scheme, her six-bedroom four-bath home and the bulk of their possessions are now in the hands of the government. But the money she's earning isn't enough—if Faryn is going to ever have a home again, she is going to need a lot more money.

Several thefts and staff disappearances at the Abbey force Hugh and Faryn to work together as Candice's plans to get 'back what's hers' fall into place. Canada beckons Hugh, Faryn has lowered her sites from a mansion to a comfortable home, and Candice wants it all—stealing Thunder is just the beginning. My story is woven through their individual pursuits and clashes with each another, as they are all led from England to Prague—and back.

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Breaking Camp Mysteries

Adventure Romance Fiction, Mystery Fiction, Adventure Magic Fiction