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Judging from a Distance


1973. Letters written from one spy to another during World War II and long considered buried have surfaced and are now threatening their author, a highly respected judge and war hero with voracious ambition.

1975. To Alice Doyle, the discovery of a packet of letters while clearing out her attic is just a sad reminder of her failed marriage to Oscar, a dealer in antique documents. She can't just return them to Oscar—he was killed during a break-in at the home of his second wife, Pam.

The letters are in French, and Alice, unable to read them and unsure of their value, seeks the help of Leo Reynaud, a local teacher from Quebec. He realizes the letters, written from an American based in England to a woman in Switzerland and which first appear to be distasteful lust letters, might be coded spy letters. Pam persuades Alice and Leo to dig deeper, even if it means traveling to Europe, to answer one question: did the letters have anything to do with Oscar's death?

Alice is looking forward to moving out of a money-draining house with her twelve-year old twins. Leo is looking forward to starting on his master's degree. Judge Marcus Brown is looking forward to an appointment he's worked toward his entire life. Tanya Koch is looking forward to meeting her father for the first time. It is an accident waiting to happen when their world's come together at the end of summer.

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