About Me

Adventure Romance Fiction, Mystery Fiction, Adventure Magic Fiction

Since childhood , back when I was a Crandell, I have written stories 'in my head'—tales enhanced by my good fortune to have enjoyed a fair amount of travel. Even when I'm not physically writing, my mind is constantly engaged with plots, characters, scenes, what if's. My inward and outward journeys, combined with my love of adventure, art, theatre, and history, inspires and infuses my work.

I grew up in Geneva, New York. The eldest of 5 children, which included two sets of twins. My mother was British and my father was American; they grew up together in Burnley, Lancashire. I had the very good fortune to have had my elementary education at Glass Factory Bay School in Geneva, a one-room schoolhouse, where I was given an amazing grounding in reading, writing, and poetry by our teacher, Mrs. Fake.

I took my first trip abroad when I was one year old- I flew with my Mother from New York to London. I love to travel and have had a passport ever since. I have also moved about a bit, not just in America, but three times between Maine and the U.K. I now reside in the UK (in "Constable Country") with my husband, Roy, and our Border Terrier, Abbey. She is no stranger to travel either-she was born in Alaska.

"Wonderful travels, packed with adventure, intrigue, even romance, can be found between the pages of a book. All that's needed is a reader to embark on the journey."

Sharon Stephenson

My hobbies are reading, photography, music, baking (when I'm not on a diet), planning our next trip, researching my next book, and knitting any time I'm in the car and don't have to drive.

I regard my books as suspenseful adventures spiced with a bit of romance and some humor for good measure. Just the way life should be—at least in my book! ENJOY!

I love the idea of e-books and I am very fond of my Kindle Paperwhite, which allows me to read in any light. I can also load up a lot of books without having to cart them around, merely highlighting a word brings up a dictionary, and I can easily adjust the font type and size! For an author, e-publishing can be a dream come true. And after all, I'd never go back to a typewriter!