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Stealing Thunder


Rysbeck Abbey, an estate now in the hands of the not-for-profit charity Antiquity England, is the background for my novel involving theft, murder—and trespassing. The action begins and ends in England, but a church in Germany, the Prague Christmas Market, a suburban home in Denmark, and a ferry ride on the North Sea all provide settings for the action in this story of loss and gain.

Rysbeck is full of antiques, but Thunder is very special. It's a curious name for a Chinese jade figure with a serene looking muzzle. While it's worth millions of pounds on any market, it is priceless to the billionaire from whose family it was stolen. Now that the piece has surfaced for sale, he has enlisted helpers who will stop at nothing to get their hands on Thunder.

Lewis Oakes is a 60 year old electrician with just one goal—he wants to move to Canada to be near his son. He's hoping the Abbey will help him get there. Elise Fairmont is 58 years old and has lost everything thanks to her devious husband. She works at the Abbey. With all its many bedrooms, what could be the harm in using just one?

Candice Vendicombe is 48 and figured when she married Baron Vendicombe's only son she would someday be a Baroness with Rysbeck Abbey her stately home. A drastic change in circumstances has left her living off the generosity of Antiquity England. She intends to change that with plans to reclaim what she considers is rightfully hers.

Dottie Wilson is 81 and a dedicated and protective volunteer at the Abbey. Will she prove to be a match for those who intend to strip it of its valuables?

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