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Winter Pursuit


Norah Loring is a single 32-year-old English woman playing it safe. She lives with her mother, teaches at a local university, and is engaged in a long-term relationship going nowhere. When her mother suddenly dies, new information comes to light which quickly derails Norah's quiet life. She discovers her father, long thought to have been killed at the end of World War II, may still be alive and living in Russia.

Against the wintry background of three continents, Norah sets off in pursuit of the truth about her father. At cross purposes with her quest is the lure of a fortune in Nazi gold and the two men, one American and one Russian, who will stop at nothing—not even murder— to possess it.

But perhaps the most dangerous aspect of Norah's journey is when she is swept off her feet by a man who unwittingly becomes involved in her journey, entering her life just when she least expects—or welcomes—the attention.

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