Breaking Camp Mysteries

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Breaking Camp Mysteries

Taking the Sun


Retirees Nathan and Nina Trask are off on another camping trip. This time they will be taking their Rambler trailer to Florida—their first journey to the Sunshine State. Their ultimate destination is to Mandolin Key to visit their son while he learns to deep sea dive. Things start to go wrong before they even get out of Ohio when they are persuaded by their daughter's mother-in-law to attend a Mayor's Ball in Florida. Nathan had packed T-shirts, swimming trunks, and shorts. He was not impressed he also had to bring a suit.

When Nathan's long-term friend George learns the Trasks will be staying close to where his father resides, Nathan is persuaded to look in on him. Apparently, George's father has made it onto the radar screen of a pair of con-artists. Warren and Sandra Vogel have devised a 'can't lose' reverse mortgage scheme. Using both their church and their son, the mayor of Corsica, to get their feet in the door of potential victims, they now have a long list of wealthy prospects. Unfortunately for their clients, most of them die before they see a payout.

With the threat of a tropical storm quickly gathering strength, Nathan and Nina find themselves under a dark cloud and up to their necks in a complex web of lies, murder, arson, grand theft, breaking and entering, and kidnapping. One thing is true about the Trask's vacations—they are never dull.

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