Breaking Camp Mysteries

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Breaking Camp Mysteries

Where There's Smoke


Together with their eager Border Terrier Chianti along for the ride, the Nathan and Nina Trask are venturing out on the road again—this time to the Great Smoky Mountains. This trip is supposed to be a relaxing time enjoying the beauty of the verdant spring woodlands. But in Where There's Smoke the Trasks discover the woods hold more than charming cabins and banks of rhododendrons. Nina's discovery of the body of a young woman the first evening at their campground touches off kidnapping and arson. It also introduces Nathan to the local police department, who seem to be more interested in breakfast than in solving crimes.

The Trasks soon become aware that the main source of income in Sorghum County is not only illegal, it is fiercely protected by the local authorities. The Trasks' vacation proves to be anything but as they uncover murder, mayhem, the world's best doughnuts, and a local commerce that literally lands them in a heap of trouble. Nathan is all for packing up and heading home, but he knows Nina won't leave until there is some semblance of justice for the young woman she found. Relaxation will have to wait.

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