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As Clear as Glass


Renata Candeloro'swork has taken her across the Atlantic to England to restore several frail 14th century stained glass windows at St. Anne's Church inLittle Wyecross, Derbyshire. She knew the job wouldn't be easy, but she never dreamt she'd also confront murder and mayhem, much less the true spirit of St. Anne's.

Renata's love of working with the beauty and art of stained glass has come to fill the void in her life after her marriage ended. She's very good at her job and just wants to get on with it. But the vicar at St. Anne's has big plans for the church which have nothing to do with worship and everything to do with relieving the local gentry of valuable works of art. And Renata is getting in the way.

Perry Winquelles, a director of the charitable trust overseeing the restoration of St. Anne's glass and a resident of Little Wyecross, is finding life a struggle. He has enough problems trying to balance work, single-parenting a 13-year-old daughter, and making ends meet at his high maintenance ancestral home. He doesn't appreciate it when Renata's problems are dropped at his doorstep. Unwittingly, Renata's troubles soon become Perry's. While all England prepares for the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, Perry and Renata must put aside their differences and work together to solve their problems—and save their lives.

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