Breaking Camp Mysteries

Adventure Romance Fiction, Mystery Fiction, Adventure Magic Fiction

Breaking Camp Mysteries

Something's a Foot


After inheriting a small camper, Nathan and Nina Trask and their border terrier Chianti make an inaugural camping trip to Maine. They expect a beautiful rock-bound coast, pine forests, and wonderful seafood. But in Something's A Foot they get more than they bargained for when they become embroiled in a murder that is almost too hot to handle.

Nina's chronic disregard for 'No Trespassing' signs lands her in a heap of trouble on a remote island just off the coast. Its crumbling mansion, owned by a member of the local gentry, holds many sordid secrets.

The Trasks soon run afoul of Police Chief Libby, who doesn't appreciate body parts littering up the town beach. They find themselves convenient culprits 'from away' as evidence mounts to convict them of kidnapping, murder, and arson. Nina and Nathan quickly realize something truly is afoot, In order to clear their names and continue their retirement back home in Ohio and not as permanent guests of the State of Maine, it will be up to them to figure out just what that is!

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