Breaking Camp Mysteries

Adventure Romance Fiction, Mystery Fiction, Adventure Magic Fiction

Breaking Camp Mysteries

Between a Rock


Nathan and Nina Trask, a recently-retired couple, are hitting the road again. The novice campers are heading to a resort in the Black Hills of South Dakota with their trailer and beloved border terrier to attend their niece's wedding and see a few sites. Things start to literally heat up the minute Nathan pulls into the campsite.

An obsession for furs, diamonds, and lakeside property encourages two vicious sisters to resort to any means to get what they're after. Thanks to their obsessive behavior, the Trasks will encounter hi-tech arrows, abandoned mines, raging creeks, and skeletons.

On this trip, Nathan and Nina will be getting a lot more bang for their traveling buck than seeing buffalo, mountainous stone carvings, and breathtaking scenery. If the Trasks are ever going to leave the Black Hills alive, they will have to navigate the rough road between a rock...and a hard place!

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