Breaking Camp Mysteries

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Breaking Camp Mysteries

Between a Rock


A new adventure for the Trasks in the Breaking Camp Mystery Series!

Once again Nathan and Nina Trask, a recently-retired couple from Ohio, are hitting the road with their border terrier Chianti. They're towing their trailer to Yellow Trees Resort in the Black Hills of South Dakota, to attend their niece's wedding and see a few sites. But things start to literally heat up minutes after Nathan pulls into the campsite. A vintage fur coat purchased by one of a pair of obsessively dangerous sisters becomes the catalyst for ramping up tactics meant merely to scare into a life or death hunt. The wealthy sisters are determined to make both a hidden cache and Yellow Trees land their own, and they will not let anything or anyone get in their way. Hi-tech arrows, abandoned mines, raging creeks, and skeletons are just a few of the hazards the Trasks encounter. Nathan and Nina will be getting far more bang for their buck than they ever bargained for! If the Trasks are going to get out alive, they will have to navigate the rough road between a rock...and a hard place!

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