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Running From The Moon


On her 16th birthday, a witch living in New England is given a precious gift. On her 336th birthday she loses it. Three middle-school aged cousins are up to a bit of mischief when they break-in to their grandparent's barn late at night to 'mess around' with a massive display of miniature Christmas villages and model railroads.

Of course they don't anticipate meeting a centuries-old witch with bad eyesight. She blames them for making her lose her gift and insists they find it for her. Toss into the mix a bewitched cat looking for revenge, unsuspecting grandparents, and a teenager just trying to do his job, and suddenly the barn is full of madness and mayhem. All are soon running against the time it takes the harvest moon to cross the October sky!

This is a thrilling adventure for a range of readers from 5th graders through seniors- it's a tale of fantasy, reflection, excitement, and fun!

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