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Those Who Wait

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Gabrielle Shaw was very content with her life. It wasn't perfect, but she enjoyed her position teaching drama at an all-girls grade school in Oregon. When the financially-troubled school hires a hip new director, Adam Hawkins, who excels at fund-raising, Gaby finds herself out of a job and soon after discovers her home has been left to the school as well.

In an unfortunate accident, Gaby destroys the rare antique vehicle that is Hawkins' pride and joy and at the same time becomes a witness to a murder that could send her to her grave. With no job, no home, and fearful of Hawkins' revenge, Gaby heads across the country to the Finger Lakes area of New York State, child-home of her grandfather, looking for potential relatives who might lend her a hand.

Adam Hawkins and his girlfriend, Monica, head east to track her down—Adam, because Gaby knows too much about the recent death of a local philanthropist; Monica, because she believes Gaby holds the key to the location of four lost paintings by French artist Camille Pissarro.

Gaby lands in Otter Cove and quickly and has made a few trusted friends—a busy widower named Nancy who hires Gaby to work in her cafe, elderly twins Jim and Joe Johnson, and an enigmatic musician named Hobart Jones. But it is now the beginning of November. Winter is coming.

Gaby knows Hawkins hasn't given up looking for her. It's also time for her to move out of her three-season cabin and look for a proper job and place to live. At the last minute, another acquaintance, Erick, offers her temporary accommodation in an historic lakeside inn while he prepares it for winter. But after a 'cold night in hell', Gaby finds herself teamed with Erick in a chase which takes them on a winding journey across the country. Gaby soon discovers the lure of millions of dollars has created a caravan—several members of which will use any means to get what they want—no matter how hot it gets.

Those Who Wait is an adventure story; its characters kept pt on the move throughout the USA in pursuit of art, money, revenge, and answers.

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