April 2019

April 2019

Monday 1st April 2019

One of the greatest satisfactions in my writing life is when I type the words THE END. I did this two days ago when I finished the novel I began writing last May. I am hoping THOSE WHO WAIT will be available on Amazon by this May. I had been using a working title up until the day I finished my novel, and then not only the title, but the cover design for my book came together in rapid succession.

I do actually love the entire creative writing process. I write because it is what I am driven to do. Regardless whether words are actually being typed or not, my mind continuously creates characters and stories out of the simplest encounters with people and/or places. Many of these ideas just become a scenario, a sketch that might make its way into a book—or not.

I write to escape, to entertain, to enter another place, to dream, to learn. Among the topics of research I did for THOSE WHO WAIT was how long does it take to drive from Muskogee, Oklahoma to Durango, Colorado; how to bleed fire sprinkler systems; vintage Maserati's; the life of Camille Pissarro; layout of towns along the Willamette River in Oregon; Colorado forest fires; coin collecting; German Christmas tree pickles; French soups; the Underground Railway... I've learned a lot!

It is my nature to always be looking at the next thing. Before one trip is finished, I'm thinking about the next. This is not necessarily a good thing and goes against all mindfulness thinking, but it is who I am. After a couple of days away from THOSE WHO WAIT, I will start the editing process.

But I've also begun putting together rough outlines for my next book—another in my Breaking Camp Mystery Series. So far I've researched ghost towns, Arizona dust storms, and black market prescription drug manufacturers. I can't wait to throw CAUTION TO THE WIND, which will be my next book!