Thursday 4th November 2021

It's been a little over a week since our container was delivered to our door and our furniture and roughly 200 boxes were unloaded. We're all unpacked now and gradually getting our house in order. Writing has temporarily taken a back seat but I will be back at it very soon. But this doesn't mean the writing has stopped. I can unpack a box and work through details of the plot or develop my characters in Judging from a Distance at the same time. But I'm anxious to be back at my laptop—my story is calling to me.

In the meantime, I'd like to draw your attention to my book Running from the Moon. I've always loved the movie The Princess Bride and especially the way it unfolds—Peter Falk reading to his grandson—a youngster sick in bed and a very reluctant listener who quickly becomes engrossed in this wonderful adventure. This is what I had in mind what I wrote Running from the Moon—a book for all ages that I hope will appeal to parents, grandparents, and kids! I feel it's a great book to share.

This is a perfect time of year to read Running from the Moon. The action starts just before Thanksgiving. If you've ever seen one of those miniature Christmas villages, usually decked out with fake snow and Dickens-era figures and houses, you will have an idea of the scenes for my book. Two Christmas-mad grandparents have taken their hobbies—collecting miniature villages and model trains—to a new level and have created a massive display centered around a colossal Christmas tree in their family barn.

Most folks have to pay to see the display shown during the holidays as it has become a fund raiser for local charities. But one annual visitor has never paid to enter—a 300+ year old witch who grew up on the farm. She's not a cruel witch, but she can get a bit cranky and definitely prefers her own company. Following close on her heals through the ages, and anxious to uncover her secrets is a warlock who experiences life in a different animal form every time he crosses her path. Currently he is a cat.

When late one night the grandkids break into the barn to play with the display they encounter the witch—and accidentally cause her to lose an object vital to her very existence. What happens next is a story that quickly unfolds with mayhem, thrills, and humor as the witch uses whatever means possible to find her pebble, now lost somewhere in the many villages, railroads, and scenery of the gigantic Christmas display.

I hope you enjoy reading Running from the Moon as much as I enjoyed writing it!