January 2021

January 2021

Friday 1st January 2021

A new year.
I'm hopeful we can keep all the good things about 2020 and never revisit the bad.
My list of the good—clear, blue, pollution-free skies; hearing bird song and not traffic noise, helping to support folks in our village; learning to plan meals ahead and become a better cook; making time to sit outside and enjoy the sun, read, and listen to music; reacquainting myself with poetry and appreciating the work of poets new to me; learning about and practicing mindfulness and pilates. Lastly, but of most importance, being grateful for what I have—a loving, kind, patient, and understanding husband, wonderful family and friends I can communicate with even if not in person; a comfortable home; reasonably good health; and a crazy, funny dog.

I do have a list of the bad, but I'm not going to focus on that. I just hope and pray that during the course of 2021 we are able to put the bad—including bad behaviors—behind us. I pray that despite the separation of America into 'red and blue' and the separation of Great Britain from Europe that we can all find ways to come together for the greater good of our increasingly fragile planet.

And finally...

Although I love autumn, I describe myself as a 'winter' person. I grew up in snow and I've spent most of my life living with snowy winters. Mary Oliver is one of my favorite poets and her poem 'First Snow' seems to echo what's in my heart but have not the talent to put into words.