Friday 3rd July 2020

Stealing Thunder, my latest book, is finally finished and I'm halfway through the editing process. One would think with all this social distancing I should have written half a dozen books since we entered lockdown in the UK. In fact, you could make the point that self-isolation would be a writer's dream and for many writers perhaps it is, but not for me.

I have not been traveling since we went into the Covid 19 lockdown and it feels like my wings have been clipped. Most of the plots for my books have emerged while I was physically on the move. The plot for Winter Pursuit was created and developed during my bus commutes to and from work in Seattle. For a Rainy Day-flight to the USA. Those Who Wait-road trip through New Mexico and Colorado. And so on.

I enjoy travel. It stimulates me creatively. Miles crossed lead me into daydreams which can evolve into the idea for a story that may move into plotting and picturing characters in those plots. But I'm not traveling at present. I can't even make a plan to travel. And it feels a bit like I'm writing in a vacuum. I am still learning to adjust—to find substitutes for actual journeys (thank goodness for the internet!). But it isn't the same as meeting new people, seeing new places, learning about different cultures.

So this has been a new learning curve for me—how do I tap into my creativity when one of my sources of energy has been curtailed? But I'm figuring it out. I'm very happy with Stealing Thunder. And I'm getting very excited about my next book. Oh yes, already in the works in my head—my Breaking Camp Mystery Series is going to Florida next time.