May 2019

May 2019

Thursday 2nd May 2019

Last month I wrote about the satisfaction I got from typing the words THE END as I finished my latest book, Those Who Wait. After the past three intensive weeks spent editing- and re-editing, (no mean feat during 'birthday month' when our family celebrates 7 immediate family birthdays!) I feel my book is now DONE.

Those Who Wait is out today, 2nd May 2019, on Amazon! I'm excited to release this book partly because I think it is a good, entertaining read, and partly because it means I can start another book! Book 4 in my Breaking Camp Mystery Series will be called Caution to the Wind. I can't wait to begin!

Caution to the Wind has been in my day time (and night time!) thoughts for several months now and I've already started to research important facts—Dust storms. Counterfeit drug manufacturers. Park Ranger duties at the Grand Canyon? These are just the first of hundreds of details I will need to know before my book is completed.

When I was ten years old I developed asthma and spent the better part of the summer on the couch trying to keep it under control, which wasn't easy in the days before inhalers. Fortunately I loved to read, and I still remember the wonderful escapism of Swiss Family Robinson and the Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden mysteries. They helped me get through a tough time. These books opened my world that for one summer was confined to a sofa.

I was thinking earlier this year that perhaps I should try to attempt more serious subjects with my writing—realism not escapism. (This coming from someone who's only goal upon graduation from high school was to be an airline stewardess- but wearing glasses and being height-challenged nipped that in the bud!) But I really love the books I've written. They aren't going to solve any world problems or provide astounding insights into the human condition. But if they can provide a bit of armchair adventure, comedy, mystery, or romance for my readers, then I feel content with my work.